Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2, customizing the lock screen

Just to change the lock screen,  Go to,
   Settings->Display->Screen display->Lock screen
and select the image from the gallery. Alternately open an image, tap on the image for the option, "Set as.." that gives options for setting this image as wallpaper or lock screen.

To completely change the theme of the lock screen, install the application WidgetLocker (US$1.99). More instructions from,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2, useful applications

Google Street View - integrates with Google maps.

Goggles - identifies objects based on images.

Google Translate - speak one language and convert to another

Quick Settings - Easy to adjust many of the settings and to monitor battery usage.

HappyCow VeginOut - Nice app for finding nearby restaurants offering vegetarian options.

10 great android live wallpapers

handset code to view testing screen in GS2

Installing and sharing android applications using QR code:  ( Install the barcode scanner application from market place to scan the code and to share apps, contacts, etc with other android phones.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2, testing battery

    WiFi - off
    3G - off
    Wallpaper - static black

Mobile was fully charged by 7am, day 1.

day 1, 9pm - 80% charge left

day 2, 11pm - 65% charge left

day 3, 2pm - 50% charge left

day 3, 5pm (after 50mts call, connection to WiFi few times) - 20% charge left

day 3, 8pm (after shooting 2 mts video) - 15% charge left

Recharged the battery again at 9pm.

Overall result: Managed to run Galaxy S2 for 3 days in a minimalist mode.

Samsung Galaxy S2, desktop sync using Kies 2.0

Download the Kies 2.0 software from Samsung website. Install in a Windows machine, connect your GS2 using USB cable to the machine (or WiFi connection). GS2 will be recognized and Contacts, calendar (only My Calendar from GS2, google calendar will not be synced to Kies), videos, pictures, etc can be imported.

Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 (GS3), moving/importing contacts from Nokia E71

I am updating this post based on the comments received. Thanks for the step by step instructions, tips, urls and for your wishes :)

Confirmed (by posters) to be working for the following Nokia series phones,

Nokia E71, E61, E5, Nokia Xpress Music.

1. Establish Bluetooth Connection between the 2 phones (here, GS2/GS3 and E71). Make sure that the Bluetooth network is not hidden. After connecting, you should be able see GS2/GS3 from E71.

2. From the Nokia phone, navigate to Menu > Contacts > Options > Mark/Unmark > Mark all

3. Select 'Options' at the Contact Menu. 'Send business card' > 'Via Bluetooth'. Select your Galaxy's Bluetooth network name.

4. Sit back and relax. The contacts will be synced nicely.

5. From GS2/GS3, open contacts, go to options and select the option to merge with Google. This will synchronize your contacts with Google (provided you have already signed up using a Google account and setup a sync with Google). The contacts will appear under Google's My Contacts.

A video URL from one of the posters,

Another option (thanks to ritchmeister):   connect to Mac with Bluetooth. Browse E71. Get all the contacts (*.vsf) from the sd card. Save in a folder on Mac. Drag the .vsf files into Address Book. Open Kies and sync with Address Book